How to: Creating a basic marking program

SpeedMark laser software basics

SpeedMark laser marking software comes standard with our SpeedMarker galvo laser machines. Developed to support automated marking processes, the laser software provides program modules for most common laser marking tasks. SpeedMark software modules are designed for easy personalisation, allowing users to create tailor-made marking programs using graphical flow control. The SpeedMark marking software uses macros which can be customised and extended, enabling you to adapt the laser software into existing processes and components.

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In this tutorial, we explain how to create a basic SpeedMark program, including the following tasks:

  • Line marking
  • Ellipse marking
  • Outline text marking
  • Rectangle marking
  • Arc marking

Step-by-Step Video Tutorial

trotec speedmark add text to flowchart

Step 1: Add text to your flowchart

Select the outline text element on the left side of screen and place the cursor in the flow chart and left click to add to flow chart.

trotec speedmark adjust new graphic settings

Step 2: Adjust “New Graphic” Settings

Once the text is placed on the flow chart a “New graphic” screen will pop up. Enter the desired text, adjusting the text size, font style etc to suit your requirements. When complete, select "Add” then position the text on the field.

trotec speedmark graphic properties

Step 3: Graphic Properties

Select the text, then in graphic properties on the right side of the screen, fill the text using choice of fill style.

trotec speedmark basic elements

Step 4: Basic Elements

Select each basic element as shown then left click and drag on the main page to create each element. Each element will show on the flow chart when complete.

trotec speedmark adjust element

Step 5: Adjust Element

At any time an element can be selected from the flow chart and adjusted. In the example shown, the “Ellipse” is selected and the size and location are adjusted as needed.

trotec speedmark material parameter

Step 6: Material Parameter

Highlight all basic elements such as text, then select “Marking” in the left side of “Graphic properties." Select Material parameter and assign desired material from the materials database.

trotec speedmark position the job

Step 7: Position the job

Prior to starting the laser marking job it needs to be positioned. The pilot laser can be used to outline the position of the mark on the work piece. To start press F9 or use the icon in the menu bar.

trotec speedmark start laser job 2

Step 8: Starting the laser marking job

Start the marking process by pressing the F12 key or the Execute button in the menu bar. As illustrated by the flow chart shown, the line will process first, then the circle is marked, followed by the text and finally the rectangle and the arc. The flow may be adjusted by changing the order of the individual elements.

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