Laser marking components using trays

You can increase your laser marking productivity by 40% by using trays.

SpeedMarker 1300 laser marker with tray

Reducing time-consuming handling using trays or templates

Trays are useful tools if you want to laser mark multiple parts or components in a single operation as they save additional time. Depending on the batch size and required laser marking time, you can use larger laser workstations. This allows you to mark more components in one operation while maximising output. Thus time-consuming handling through loading and removal is reduced. In the following sections we offer a time comparison between processing with a SpeedMarker 700 and a SpeedMarker 1300.

Improve productivity by up to 40% using a SpeedMarker 1300 and large trays

Comparison: Laser marking a metal bracket with SpeedMarker 700 and SpeedMarker 1300

In our example, we engrave this metal bracket with a SpeedMarker 700 and a tray for 3 pieces. For comparison we engrave 24 pieces in a SpeedMarker 1300 with a tray using the same laser parameters. Projected to 240 pieces, this results in a productivity increase of 16 minutes or 40%.

Time calculation SpeedMarker 700
Piece/workpiece carrier 3
Laser time/piece 5.25 seconds
Opening and closing time 4 seconds
Traverse axes 0 seconds
Loading and unloading/workpiece carrier 10 seconds
Time/workpiece carrier 29.75 seconds
Repetitions 80
Time/240 pieces 39 mins 40 seconds
Time calculation SpeedMarker 1300
Piece/workpiece carrier 24
Laser time/piece 5.25 seconds
Opening and closing time 4 seconds
Traverse axes 2 seconds
Loading and unloading/workpiece carrier 10 seconds
Time/workpiece carrier 142 seconds
Repetitions 10
Time/240 pieces 23 mins 40 seconds

In conclusion: Reducing time-consuming handling can increase productivity by 40%

Certain aspects of laser processing are the same when comparing the two laser machines: the laser time, the opening and closing of the door in automatic mode and the loading and unloading of the workpiece carrier. With the SpeedMarker 1300, the axes move to take advantage of the entire working space. This takes a total of 2 seconds per workpiece carrier. The deciding factor is the necessary repetitions. While the loading and unloading as well as the opening and closing of the door only takes place 10x with the SpeedMarker 1300, this process repeats a total of 80x on the SpeedMarker 700. Thus time-consuming handling can be significantly reduced by using a larger laser workstation combined with large trays.

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