Tips & Tricks for JobControl® Vision

JobControl® Vision is the laser software developed by Trotec for precise laser cutting of printed materials, including acrylic, paper, film or cardboard. This page offers helpful tips for creating graphics and doing other daily work with the cutting software.

Job Control® in action

How does JobControl® Vision work?

A camera on the working head of the laser reads the registration marks printed on the plate material. Distortions in the print are detected and compensated and the material is precisely cut. This improves production times while saving time and costs incurred by incorrect cuts.

Laser cutting curves

Notes for creating graphics - JobControl® Vision

For an optimal work flow, follow the instructions below to create the graphics:

  • Separate planes for graphics, registration marks and cutting lines
  • Registration marks: 6mm diameter, black outline with line thickness hairline, black filling, circle
  • Ensure that Bezier curves are sent to the printer via the settings for the printer driver in your graphics program

Preparing the file for printing

Now send the planes with the graphics and the registration marks to the printer. The cutting line is not printed.

Preparing the file for laser cutting

Send the registration marks and the cutting line to the laser. Deactivate the plane with the graphic so it is not sent to the laser.
In the material database, select the process type and registration mark for the colour black
Next select “Print.”

Laser software registration mark detection

Placement of the print and the laser job

Connect the JobControl® with the laser.

Place the job on the plate and adjust this to the position of the paper in the laser. For this move the laser pointer toward the centre on an arbitrary registration mark and drag this to the cross-hair in in JobControl®.

Tip: Use the preview function WYSIWYG in JobControl® to facilitate the placement.

Registration mark for laser cutting

Cutting out the file

Click on “Start.”
The JobControl® Vision run screen will appear.
When the position and the alignment of the laser order in JobControl® correspond with the position of your material on the working surface, JobControl® reads all registration marks and cuts the order automatically.

When the position does not correspond, you must interact with the system and show it the position of the first registration mark. To do this position the camera with the keypad on the laser, placing the software arrow keys or the arrow keys on the computer keyboard over the first registration mark. If the bar below the camera display is green, confirm with Enter. If the print is distorted, you must show the system the second registration mark if necessary. The remaining registration marks are then recognised automatically.

Step-by-step instructions

Create amazing details and meet tightest tolerances with JobControl® Vision.

Find here a detailed step-by-step guide:
"How to Create a Basic JobControl® Vision Application".

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