Performing a JobControl update: Important information

How to ensure that no data is lost during an update

Important steps prior to the laser software update

  • Before performing an update, ensure you have full administrator rights in Windows.
  • The update should be run immediately after the Windows start-up to avoid conflicts with other applications.
  • Before updating the software, create a service file to save the parameter data in the current material database.
We recommend that you save the material database prior to performing the software update in order to save all parameter data. Instructions can be found here.

How do I create a service file?

A service file is created in the JobControl laser software. It is used to save the material database settings. Use the following steps to create the service file:
  1. Click on the “Help” tab in JobControl.
  2. The “Create service file” command will create the file.
  3. Save the service file locally so that it is available again post-update.

How do I export my parameter data?

  1. Begin by opening the material database within JobControl, then double-click the edit box.
  2. The “Export all” command will export the parameter data in the context menu of the settings as an XML file on your PC.
  3. The paramteter data can be reloaded post-update using the “Import from file” command.

Additional questions about the software update?

If you have any additional questions please contact our technical support, who will take care of the problem and quickly find a solution to the problem. Contact us
Follow the instructions below when performing a JobControl® laser software update to ensure that no data or information is lost in the process.

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