Receiving a firmware error in JobControl laser software

How do I rectify the error?

I receive an error message rather than my laser job

When a malfunction occurs, a firmware error message appears on the screen. Follow the below steps to identify the error: Make a note of the error code number and its description.
Turn the laser machine off and then on again.
Repeat your previous action prior to receiving the error message. The error does not re-occur: In this instance you can resume normal operation of your laser machine. The error re-occurs: Create a service file and send it along with the error code and a brief description of how the error occurred to the Trotec technical support team.

I recieve an error message during laser processing

Should an error occur during laser processing, proceed as indicated below to identify the cause.
Test an already completed job which did not receive an error.

No jobs work on my laser:

In this case the issue probably lies in the hardware of your laser machine. Contact your technical support team.

Individual laser jobs do not work:

If your latest job is experiencing problems but your previous one did not, the issue is probably caused by the graphic, the parameterisation of the graphic (such as colour, plant size etc) or the job may have been incorrectly transferred to the JobControl laser software. In this case note the error code, create a service file and contact your responsible technical support team.

Still experiencing problems?

If so please contact our technical support team who will take care of the problem and quickly find a solution. Phone +44-0-191-4188110 E-mail:
Should a malfunction occur in JobControl® laser software, a firmware error message will be displayed on screen. In this guide we share some steps to help you resolve the issue.

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