Speedy 400 control panel

Tips to achieve quick and easy control of your laser machine

How to stop, restart or cancel your laser job

There are two ways to stop and resume the current job:

Pausing JobControl software

Directly in the laser software:

Open the JobControl laser software and click the "Start/Pause" button to stop your current job.
Start and stop in JobControl

Using the control panel:

Press the "Start/Pause" button directly on your laser machine's control panel.
There are many advantages to pausing your current laser job. You can open the machine cover and manually adjust the laser head or axes and you can check the engraving/cutting quality. To continue the job, click or press the "Start/Pause" button again. The laser then moves to the position where the job was stopped and continues.

There are three ways to cancel the current job

Laser machine control panel

Directly in the laser software:

Go to JobControl and click on the "Stop" button in the lower right area of the screen.
Laser machine control panel stop button

On the laser machine's control panel:

Pressing the "Stop" button will cancel your laser job immediately.
Speedy 400 laser machine

Open the laser machine:

Opening the cover of the laser during processing will interrupt the safety circuit  and cancel the job.

Important information

A job stopped by clicking or pressing stop cannot be resumed and must be restarted from the begining.

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