The best laser cutter for beginners

Which is the right laser machine for starting in the laser business?

Which laser cutters are best for beginners in the laser business?

The most important points to clarify with your laser machine consultant are:

  1. What can a laser machine do, including what materials can be processed?
  2. What equipment and space is required for a laser cutter?
  3. What technical and safety regulations apply?

You will find answers to the most important questions as well as further links in the following FAQs. Take your time to explore the topics and feel free to contact our Trotec experts – they are happy to help.

How do I get started with a laser cutter business?

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What applications are possible with the best laser cutter for beginners?

A laser cutter is a laser machine that can cut, engrave or mark (label) a wide variety of materials. The clean machining and processing of a wide variety of materials can be used to advantage in the design, manufacturing or processing industries. For example, laser cutting cast acrylic produces a crystal-clear cut edge, while with textiles, the edges are sealed by the heat of the laser beam. Laser cutters are also used to produce unusual indoor and outdoor signs, advertising displays, models and decorative items for industry, architecture and the textile and advertising sectors. Whether the business is large or small, laser technology can be flexibly implemented, from one-off to high order volumes.

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Which materials can be processed with the best models for beginners?

As a thermal cutting process, lasering enables a wide range of materials to be processed with high precision and speed, from wood, paper and plastic sheets to glass, textiles and many more...

For many industries, the possibilities of customising promotional gifts, decorating paper & cardboard, creating POS displays and neon signs create new product ideas.

How quickly can you install a laser cutter – what are the first steps?

Your laser cutter is quick and easy to install. A laser machine is similar to a printer, for a smooth workflow you'll need:

  • A laser cutter
  • Computer / laptop
  • Exhaust system for safe and clean operation
  • Materials or products for laser processing, which are also available from Trotec

What laser cutters are there for beginners?

For beginners in the laser cutting and engraving business, the Speedy series laser cutter is a good choice. Our high-performance product line meets the highest demands, both for beginners and established professionals in the laser business. Speedy stands for a smooth workflow, making starting in the laser business a pleasure.

Who are the most frequent users?

Sign makers, advertising technicians, schools and universities, creative and industrial users

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How do I turn a profit with a laser cutter?

The profitability of your business depends on many factors. The smoother your start with a laser cutter as a beginner, the faster your efforts will pay off.

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How can I gain knowledge quickly and get employees to a good level?

Time is money, and as a beginner, it’s important to acquire knowledge on laser cutting as simply and quickly as possible. If you’re expanding your company, you’ll want to train your employees to use the machines as quickly as possible.

Trotec experts are always on hand to offer know-how on materials and their engraving properties, correct laser parameter settings, software and all other laser queries.

Our website also feature a dedicated tips for laser users section. 

Trotec's services and support for beginners in the laser cutter business?

We offer our customers expert service and support by email or phone for the entire service life of a Trotec laser cutter. After all, rapid return to service is a key competitive factor.

Whether you opt for an annual inspection of your laser machine or a comprehensive TroCare protection package, you can rest assured that your Trotec laser cutter is in the best hands.

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