Four sides access

Access the working area from all four sides

The working areas of the SP3000 and SP2000 laser cutter machines are designed for processing large-format materials and high-volume production. The machine design allows for easy access from all four sides,  meaning you can load and unload quickly, even during laser cutting.

Non-stop Cutting with Tandem Assist

Tandem Assist, a brand-new feature of JobControl® provides efficient and error-free guidance for operators during workflow. The working area can be split virtually into two zones. While the laser cutter is cutting material in zone A, finished workpieces can be unloaded and new material sheets can be loaded in zone B, minimising down time and increasing productivity.

Maximum Accessibility

The ergonomic design f the SP2000 and SP3000, featuring a V-shaped construction, compact design and machine height make it easier to reach finished work pieces, especially smaller workpieces. The SP3000 laser cutter is the leading laser cutter in the laser industry.

Optimal use of space

Four-side accessibility minimises walking distances for the operator whilst ensuring an optimised flow of goods. The unrivalled ratio of processing area to total area equals optimal use of space, equating to good value for money, especially with multiple laser cutting machines.

SP series
Comprehensive solution for cutting large-format materials.

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