Laser Accessories

Upgrade your Trotec laser machine with new accessories including focus lenses, worktables, rotary attachments and more depending on your application. On the detail pages, you'll see if the accessories are built-in or available as optional upgrades.

With the Trotec Vision Design & Position option, the laser engraver can now visualize with maximum precision in real time.
Fully automated laser with a 3.2m roll width, perfect for textile signage applications.
Unique marking quality and therefore reading reliability with detailed sharpness, high contrast and deep engraving.
With an engraving speed of 4.3 m/s, 5g acceleration and 8 times faster cutting, Trotec's Speedy 400 is the fastest laser machine on the market.
This swivel mounted galvo laser head is perfect for horizontal as well as vertical laser marking applications. Read on to learn more.
The SpeedMarker 1300XL laser workstation is primarily used for laser marking large, heavy workpieces. Available in 3 versions: basic, pullout table and pullout double-shuttle table.
The working area size depends on the housing, the configuration of the axis and the lens.

Tandem Assist

Continual laser cutting with Tandem Assist

Tandem Assist
Tandem Assist, a JobContol® laser software function, provides efficient and error-free support to the operator during workflow.
The optimised exhaust system of the SP4000 ensures a clean and smooth cutting edge even with narrow panels.
Our light sensor system and active laser deflector plate mean the operator is protected at all times.

MOPA laser

Compatible with Trotec SpeedMarker laser systems

MOPA laser
The MOPA laser is one of the most flexible lasers and can be used for many applications.
Optional, more powerful version of the industrial PC for higher demands, such as graphical applications.
The ProMarker and SpeedMarker 300 can be equipped with a mechanical Z-axis or a software-controlled Z-axis.
Trotec's multifunctional table concept ensures optimal configuration for every engraving and cutting application.
The multi-functional table concept ensures the optimal result for your cutting and engraving applications.
An exhaust that is directly attached to the laser head removes dust and gases generated during the laser process.
Some materials (e. g. acrylic) can inflame, particularly during cutting. This is why Trotec has designed the temperature sensor.
Trotec galvo lasers can be optimally adapted to your work processes and materials.
Save time when setting the laser distance with the software-controlled z-axis.
Is required for laser engraving round, cylindrical and conical objects, such as glasses or bottles.
The heart of the Trotec laser marking systems is a maintenance free, air cooled high-speed fiber laser.
Using the pass-through, it is possible to engrave or cut very long and bulky parts and boards with the laser.
The motorised lift door for the SpeedMarker 700 and SpeedMarker 1300 laser systems saves time during work preparation and ensures a high degree of safety for the operator.
The transparent design of the top cover enables you to view the entire cabinet of the machine. This allows you to monitor your application during laser processing no matter where your workpiece is positioned.
Every Trotec flatbed laser machine can be upgraded to a higher laser power at any time.
A laser beam is invisible. This is why Trotec laser machines come with an integrated laser pointer.
Easy focusing with our patented SonarTechnology™
The patented InPack Technology™ protects sensitive components from dust.
Using the Gas-Kit, up to 2 process gases can optionally be connected (e. g. compressed air, N2).
Marking cylindrical and curved objects with the laser requires a rotary engraving unit.
The SpeedMarker 700 RT is a laser marking station with galvo rotary table and bulkhead.
Border marking projects marking contours.
We offer you a wide range of focus lenses for different working field sizes for our galvo marking lasers.
Ergonomic access, 100% access to the work area
The SP2000 and SP3000 laser cutters are designed for processing large format materials with superior speed and precision. These machines can be easily accessed from all four sides to ensure maximum productivity.
Optimal results during laser engraving or laser cutting are achieved by using different lenses. This works in the same way as for a camera that uses different lenses for close-up and wide angle photographs.
The focus finder makes focusing the laser considerably easier.
Trotec's SpeedMarker marking lasers include a new option of the Focus Shifter which enables shorter cycle times even when marking materials with different levels.
Two laser sources, one job - now you can mark, cut and engrave almost anything!
CeramiCore® laser source technology
With autostart function you can regulate the laser machine that it starts automatically the lasermarking process.
All of our optics are air-flushed, meaning compressed air is supplied to the corresponding lens or mirror. This thereby enhances the machine's service life and guarantees maintenance-free work.
Each material reacts differently to a laser process. During laser engraving and laser cutting, the supply of compressed air can significantly influence and improve the results.
Distortion-free marking on 3D objects

SpeedMarker series
Industrial marking of individual components as well as large batches.

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