Awards and trophy engraving

Create individual trophies, personalised awards, honorary prizes and medals. Laser engrave signs for ready-made trophies fast.

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Laser cutting and engraving of acrylic awards.

What options does a laser machine offer in trophy engraving?

 You can personalise trophies or awards for clubs, such as football cups. Practically any design, whether text, logo, image or photo, can be laser engraved in great detail and on different surfaces using the laser engraver. Impress clients with your own acrylic designs. Cutting with a Trotec laser machine creates a crystal-clear edge and additional post-processing of materials is not necessary.

Contactless processing saves you tooling or grinding costs for milling machines. Fulfill even more customer requests using the flexibility of the laser machine and thus make more profit. Offer an additional service through personalised, individual packaging.

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Why a laser machine makes sense for trophy engraving. A comparison of technologies.

What can be done.

Which laser machine is needed for trophy engraving?

Whether you’re just starting your business, increasing your production capacity or you want to make your daily activities more profitable – the laser engravers and cutters of the Speedy series are the perfect choice. Our Speedy laser engraving machines are the fastest on the market requiring minimal maintenance while offering maximum runtime and a smooth workflow.

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What our customers say.

"Trotec Materials are used frequently in Integrity Laser's gift business. The ease of processing Trotec’s wood and signage materials is unmatched. The quality is always consistent permitting us to process a stack of materials without continuously having to adjust the parameters in JobControl."

Jeff Muster

Owner and Manager of Integrity Laser

“I used to make all our leather bracelets by hand. You can only imagine how long it took. Now I’ve programmed the bracelets into the machine because I’ve sold so many and I keep running out of stock. What my machine can do never ceases to amaze me.”

Carol Dadds

Sunshine Barossa

"Investing in new machines, software and personnel is the key to keeping up with customers' requirements. Fortunately, we can usually meet all customer requirements, partly thanks to the two laser machines that we have."

Loek Stultiens

Stultiens Group


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