speedmark array function

Simultaneously laser mark multiple components in one work step

How can I laser mark multiple workpieces at the same time?

If lots of small workpieces need to be marked, then you can put them in stencils and mark them all at once. With the SpeedMark laser marking software, you can easily create this program in three steps without any programming skills.

Step 1:

Simply select the desired function by using your mouse (see picture) and position it in the program flowchart.

Step 2:

Now drag the desired marking content between the two array symbols using the mouse.

Step 3:

You can set the number of elements and the respective distance by double clicking on the array symbol.

Now the program is ready and you can laser mark your components.

The "Array" function is also possible with dynamic content

Mark components with the same content or with variable, dynamic content, using the "Array" function in SpeedMark software allows both types of data to be lasered,This means that you can create data matrix codes, serial numbers or even texts with consecutive numbers. You can also automate the marking of variable content from external systems such as SAP, as well as creating combinations of fixed and dynamic content.

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