Nozzles for Speedy lasers: Laser cutting and engraving

How to choose the right nozzle for your application

Choosing the right nozzle is an important factor when getting a good laser cutting and engraving result. The nozzle is also the primary dust protection for the lens. Read on to see which nozzle is suitable for your application.

Selection of nozzles

There are 3 different nozzles to choose from:

Short nozzle with large hole diameter (7mm)

The short nozzle with the large hole diameter (7mm) is the standard nozzle and can be used for both laser engraving and laser cutting applications.
When laser cutting, this nozzle is primarily used for acrylic as the material doesn't cool down as quickly, which creates a beautiful flame-polished edge during the laser cutting process.

Short nozzle with small hole diameter (3mm)

The short nozzle with the small hole diameter (3mm) is mainly used laser cutting smoky materials such as wood. Due to the small opening, the concentrated airflow is directed into the kerf, blowing away emerging smoke and gases produced during cutting.
This nozzle is less suitable for engraving dust-intensive materials like plastics or stamp rubbers, as the engraving dust settles faster at the opening of the nozzle, which can block it. A blocked nozzle can result in a hole burnt into the lens.

Long nozzle with small hole diameter (3mm)

This nozzle is specifically for use in combination with the 2.5" lens. There is still a long nozzle with a small hole diameter (3mm). This compensates for the larger focal distance between the 2.5" lens and the material. The properties of the nozzle are the same as those of its short counterpart.

Copper nozzles for laser cutting with compressed air

For laser cutting with compressed air on the SP500 there are additional copper nozzles with a hole diameter of 1.7mm for the short nozzles. Due to the extremely small diameter, the airflow is directed into the kerf in an even more targeted manner. Thus, you achieve a perfect laser cut in materials, including thicker wood from approx. 5 mm or polycarbonate.
Depending on the lens used and the resulting focal distance, there are attachments in four different lengths.

Need more information and tips?

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