Laser marked metal part with barcode

Laser marking text and codes linked to external files

This page will show you how to link product information from external files using our laser marking software SpeedMark. Once linked to the software you can transform this information to text or code and mark your products.

Creating barcode and serial text linked to an external file

With SpeedMark laser marking software, it is easy to laser mark products with text and/or 1D/2D codes. When these contents need to be dynamic and imported from external files (such as .txt or .csv), you can achieve this in SpeedMark with a few mouse clicks, and without any programming knowledge.

Product labelling with dynamic data

Many industrial parts need to be permanently marked with information such as bar codes, serial numbers, logos, alphanumeric signs or other dynamic text marking. Markings need to be permanent and reliable to ensure traceability and protection against forgery. In many companies, marking lasers are used to meet these requirements.

Trotec laser systems can be easily operated, thanks to the intuitive SpeedMark marking software. Importing a spreadsheet from an external file and marking a barcode and text can be done in a few mouse clicks. All these functions are part of the SpeedMark marking software, and no external programs are necessary, the user does not need any programing skills. For more advanced requirements and an automated marking process, SpeedMark can link to external systems such as SAP.

SpeedMark Tutorial

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