Anodised aluminium nametag

Black marking anodised aluminium with a MOPA laser source

In this tutorial learn how to create black laser markings on anodised aluminium using a MOPA laser source


Materials required:

  • Anodised aluminium
  • Magnet

Laser machine used:

  • SpeedMarker 700
  • 20 W MOPA laser
  • F254 lens

Any SpeedMarker series, Speedy fiber or Speedy flexx laser machine can be used to create this sample. Please note that MOPA laser sources are only available for SpeedMarker laser machines. 

Important information:

You might need to use other parameters when laser marking glossy aluminium.

Creating a black marking is only possible with the MOPA laser. This is the only laser that colors anodized aluminum black through short pulsing. The conventional fiber lasers in the SpeedMarker Series, Speedy Flexx or Speedy Fiber Laser, can only create white marking.

Step by Step

Step 1: Design

Begin by importing our template or creating your own design. Import the PDF with layers into the SpeedMark laser software and assign laser parameters and fillings to the object.

Important: If text is imported from a PDF, they have to be converted into curves before importing. Otherwise the SpeedMark laser software does not recognise it as text. Alternatively the text directly can be produced in SpeedMark.

Filling for Fill style Line distance [mm]
Logo cross lines (bidirectional) 0.03
Name Bidirectional 0.001
Title Bidirectional 0.001

Step 2: Laser marking

Now enter the parameter settings. These will differ depending on your laser machine, chosen laser source and the laser power available. 

Laser parameter Process Power [%] Speed [mm/s]
Logo Marking 50 2000
Name Marking 50 1500
Title Marking 50 1500
Laser parameter Frequency [kHz] Pulse width [ns] Passes
Logo 60 100 1
Name 200 8 1
Title 200 100 1

Step 3: Post processing

To finish your nametag fix the magnet onto the back of your material.


You can experiment using different colours of anodised aluminium and different sizes to expand your product offering. 

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