Laser Cutting Paper & Plastics in Packaging Design

Precisely cut intricate packaging materials with Trotec laser cutters

Paper packaging engraved

Precisely cut intricate packaging materials with Trotec laser cutters

Flexible from prototype construction to small series

From prototype construction to small series production, a laser machine is the flexible tool for cutting packaging design. Laser cutting machines from Trotec have become favourites in the packaging industry thanks to their detail, speed and flexibility.

One laser cutter, many materials

A laser machine from Trotec provides a multitude of finishing options including laser cutting, engraving, perforating and carving. Our use of the latest laser technology provides high-quality finishes and means your packaging will be much more than a basic punched cardboard box, adding considerable value and offering you unique branding opportunities. Laser technology offers a number of advantages over traditional processing methods for various materials, including:

• When laser cutting foils and films the laser seals the edges
• The contactless process does not crinkle or crease delicate materials
• Laser cutting acrylic can produce a flame polished edge without additional post processing
• Create labels with ease using the kiss cutting technique
• Laser technology is significantly faster than the water jet cutting process for foam
• Unlike a punch, the laser does not damage the end product in any way
• Corners are guaranteed to remain undamaged, contours are fully and delicately worked with the laser to the smallest detail.



There are various materials used within packaging design which are ideally suited to laser cutting and laser engraving, including: Cardboard, corrugated cardboard, packaging film, paper, plastics, foam and many more. Laser technology offers many advantages when processing these materials as laser cutting and laser engraving are contactless processes.

Paper packaging engraved

Why choose a Trotec laser machine?

One laser cutting machine - many materials

A laser cutting machine is equally suited for use on all materials including laser cutting plastics, paper, card, foils and films. Whether laser cutting paper, plastics, card, corrugated cardboard or packaging films, Trotec laser cutting machines can cater to your individual needs.

Quick, easy, flexible

Laser cutting paper, plastics or cardboard opens up a wide range of possibilities for packaging design. Lasers are particularly well suited for processing delicate materials, such as paper, or also packaging films. This is possible because laser cutting is a safe, contact-less process during which the material is burnt in a controlled manner without affecting the colour or texture of the original materials.

Robust and durable

Trotec laser machines are built for intensive use over many years and therefore have a particularly rugged design. Moreover, we only use components of the highest quality from leading manufacturers that ensure reliability and a consistant high quality for your packaging design.

"The machine has afforded us a lot of flexibility in terms of job size. Previously it was only profitable to produce huge runs but now we can produce runs of any size we like, meaning we can get more business from specialist runs."
- Steve Davis - company secretary for Kent Brushes​ -

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