TroGlass acrylic sheets in trendy new colour varieties

17. April 2023 •

Striking new varieties of laser acrylic are now available

Our popular TroGlass range of acrylic sheets has been expanded to include exciting new glitter and pastel varieties for laser cutting and engraving. With our new TroGlass Pastel earth tones and TroGlitter dots products, you can delight your customers by adding some glamour to your products or delivering down-to-earth applications.

New acrylic sheets in elegant earth tones.

Our new TroGlass earth tones are cast acrylic laser engraving sheets in rich, elegant colours. One gloss and one matt side of the surface provide you with even more interesting options for design. These high-quality materials are colour stable with no bleaching or fading, making them ideal for visual communication signs, shop fittings, gifts, and countless types of decoration applications.

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TroGlitter with extra sparkle.

Want to offer your customers more glitter and glamour? We are offering three new variations  of TroGlitter Dots to our range that will do just that. TroGlitter Dots are cast acrylic laser cutting and engraving sheets with added glitter confetti that add sparkle and shine to items such as creative décor, speciality signs, POS displays, and many more eye-catching applications.

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Make your own Happy Birthday cake topper.

Download our free design file to create a cake topper with our new TroGlitter Dots materials.

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Tips and tricks for processing TroGlitter

On our website you will find numerous tips and tricks for processing acrylic sheets.

One special recommendation for our new TroGlitter Dots colours: The glitter particles should be on the bottom side of the material when laser cutting.

Tips and tricks for processing acrylic with Trotec Laser

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