Large format laser cutting at Sign and Digital 2023

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Award winning laser cutter

The SP3000 is Trotec’s largest laser cutter. Featuring a working area of 2210 x 3210 mm and up to 400 watt laser power, the SP3000 is the ultimate production tool.

Tandem Assist is a feature exclusive to SP2000 and SP3000 laser cutters, offering optimal productivity. The laser systems working area can be virtually split into distinct zones, meaning while laser cutting is happening in one zone, the operator can load and unload materials into the others, reducing downtime to a minimum.

A host of safety features means that the SP3000 is a class 2 laser system.

Previously only available for demonstration at Trotec’s Guildford showroom, the Sign and Digital show will bring the leading laser cutter to a wider audience. Discover the SP series today.

Large format laser cutters

Special offer: Extra warranty and two free services

To celebrate the return of the SP3000 to Sign and Digital, we are running a special offer until March 31st, where any SP2000 or SP3000 laser purchased will come with an extra year's warranty and two service visits included, giving you a huge 36 months warranty vs the standard 24 months.

This offer is not to be missed, for more information about this offer, contact Trotec experts today. 

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What other laser systems will be on display during the show?

Alongside the SP3000 laser cutter, Trotec will demonstrate two additional laser cutters and engravers.  

The Speedy 400 flexx is Trotec’s largest flatbed laser engraving system, offering up to 120 watts of CO2 laser power and up to 50 fiber with the flexx system. Offering an engraving speed of 4.3 m/s and an acceleration of 5g, the Speedy 400 is the optimal flatbed system for laser cutting acrylic for signage or laser engraving woods and plastic laminates for displays, among many other applications.

For a mid-range solution, the Q500 is the perfect laser cutter for processing materials up to 15mm thick. Offering a working area of 1300 x 900 mm and featuring 120 watts DC CO2 laser power, or dual source DC (120 watt) and ceramic laser (60 watt) sources, the Q500 can process many common materials for signage and displays, from acrylics to woods and even textiles.

Find out more about these great lasers today.

Speedy laser engravers Q series laser cutters

Materials for all applications

Alongside market leading laser cutters, Trotec’s range of laserable materials will also be showcased at Sign and Digital 2023.

Specially selected for their laser cutting and laser engraving capabilities, Trotec materials allow customers to produce high quality signage and display items. From Plastic laminates and acrylics to woods and supplies such as metal marking sprays and sign holding solutions, Trotec materials offer a high quality solution for your consumables needs.

TroLase engraving laminates are developed by Trotec for optimal laser engraving and cutting. When processed, minimal dust and debris are produced, meaning cleaning is minimised, while the composition means that detailed laser engraving results can be easily achieved at high speeds.

Discover all Trotec materials at the engraving supplies webshop, including a range of thicknesses, finishes and colour combinations to suit your requirements.

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