Laser cutting and engraving in action at TEAM Roadshow

15. Dezember 2022 •

Laser cutting and engraving for the trophies and awards industry

Market leading laser manufacturer Trotec laser will demonstrate live laser cutting and engraving applications to the trophies and engraving market at the TEAM roadshow between the 23rd and 24th January 2023.

Designed for high-quality production, Trotec laser systems are capable of processing most common materials found in the industry, from laser engraving metal trophy plates to cutting and engraving awards for personalisation from scratch. See Trotec on Stand S8 in January 2023!

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What can I see at the show?

On stand S8, visitors will be able to see the Speedy 100 flatbed laser cutter and engraver in action and see live demonstrations of different applications suitable for laser processing. Trotec experts Trevor Stevenson and Craig Scully will be on the stand to offer tailored advice to businesses to see what is possible with the technology.

As a one stop shop for laser users, Trotec will also showcase its range of engraving materials and supplies at the show. Designed to achieve high quality laser cutting and engraving results, Trotec materials are used across industries, with TroLase plastic laminates being a favourite in the trophies and engraving sector. Throughout the show, Craig and Trevor will demonstrate Trotec materials creating various applications that visitors will be able to take away.

For more information about Trotec laser systems and engraving materials, see below.

Trotec laser systems Engraving materials and supplies

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