Large Format Laser Cutting in Focus

Formd Creative Ltd Video Case Study

Large format laser cutting has transformed Formd Creative Ltd

Investing in a large format laser cutter has been a turning point for Formd Creative Ltd. 

A design and production company, Formd offers in-house design, project management, fabrication, and installation. The technologies used by the company to provide these services include Trotec's SP2000 large format laser cutter, the flatbed Speedy 400 laser engraving machine and a selection of other equipment including a CNC machine to produce high quality displays for events, exhibitions and retail. 

Bringing laser cutting in-house enabled the team at Formd Creative Ltd. to respond to the increasing demands from well known brands such as Klarna, Nike and Mac Cosmetics. One of the major benefits offered by the laser cutter is that the need for outsourcing has been removed, allowing the team to respond to last minute requests that would not be possible without the laser cutter. 

Watch the full video case study below.

Large format laser cutters

SP series CO2 laser cutting machine are the comprehensive solution for cutting large-format materials for a range of applications. From display and shop fitting to architectural model making, membrane keyboard production, print service providers and finishing of signage or technical textiles, large format SP laser cutters are engineered for 24/7 operation and let you work fast and reliably.

The laser standard in signage and display production.

To find out more about Trotec's large format laser cutters, read our dedicated product page. 

Large format laser cutting machines 

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