Laser cutting and engraving in action at Sign and Digital

published on 9. März 2022

Join Trotec on stand J44 this March

Live laser cutting, engraving and print & cut demonstrations

For the first time since 2019, Trotec will present live laser cutting and engraving demonstrations for signage and displays at Sign and Digital 2022 between 22nd - 24th March. 

Visitors to stand J44 will have the chance to meet with Trotec laser machine and engraving material experts and experience live demonstrations of a range of different laser applications. What's more, visitors will be able to discover al the innovations that have been implemented in the laser world in recent years, with the all new Speedy 400 'Run on Ruby'® making it's UK trade show debut and the all new Q500 mid-range laser cutter. Live print and cut demonstrations will be performed on this laser cutter and visitors will be able to get a hands on view of the possibilities this impressive application offers to their businesses. 

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What laser machines are on show on stand J44?

Visitors to stand J44 can see some of the exciting new innovations in the Trotec range, as well as some old favourites!

  • Speedy 400 'Run on Ruby'®- Latest iteration of Trotec's flagship laser engraver, featuring a touchscreen
  • Speedy 300 flexx - Dual source laser engraver and cutter, featuring a CO2 laser for organic materials and a fiber for metals
  • Q500 - all new mid-range laser cutter with DC source

Plus Trotec will also feature a printer on stand, allowing us to facilitate live action print and cut demonstrations. 

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