Customer story: Werkpunk.

Sweet wood from Werkpunk.

Werkpunk was founded in 2014 by Dirk Butterling in Linz. With the support of his wife Christina, the young entrepreneur has specialised in product design. In addition to developing and manufacturing his own "Süssholz (sweet wood)" product range, Werkpunk is also a manufacturer and laser engraving service provider for other companies. The liquorice - a filigree wooden typeface/graphic in a high-quality cardboard frame - is distributed via the company's own web shop as well as in selected stores in Austria.

DIY art from Linz.

Dirk mainly uses paper, wood and acrylic in his studio. When the company was founded, the DIY items were produced manually, mainly by upcycling, using machine tools such as drills, circular saws, etc. The company was then expanded to include the production of DIY products. This meant that series production was not possible in order to enable economical production as a sole proprietorship.

From the circular saw to the laser cutter.

In a FabLab Dirk worked for the first time with a laser engraving machine. In 2016, he purchased the Trotec Speedy laser engraving machine, which, according to his own statements, was a high-quality piece of equipment. The laser machine enabled him to begin series production of his products. In addition to the quality of the laser engraving machine, the proximity to the Trotec company location was also a decisive factor for the young entrepreneur. With the laser engraver, Dirk can now efficiently produce everything in-house and, in addition to paper, wood and acrylic, he can also process a wider range of materials (such as metal). In addition, fine details can now be created with the laser cutter. In the extended liquorice offer you can now find different motifs or lettering, which are individually available in several colours in the webshop.

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