Laser engraved wooden photo frame with inlays

Voegeler Creations - Creating gifts with a Trotec laser machine.

Laser etched photo frame with inlays

About Voegeler Creations.

Voegeler Creations are a souvenir wholesaler who creates gifts from local products and distributes to tourist destinations all around Australia. Among the materials they use are local woods as well as Trotec’s laser woods to make their range of products, including jewellery, fridge magnets, picture frames and much more.

John Voegeler and his wife initially purchased a Speedy 100 laser engraving machine, building their entire business around this single machine. They became very close to the team here at Trotec Australia, helping out at the WA Wood Show, and blew us all away when they won themselves a Speedy 360 in the Trotec Applications Contest.

Voegler Creations: laser engraved and cut wooden gifts

Where it all started.

Initially, John Voegeler was looking for a machine to help with his artwork – he wanted to print his oil paintings. When stumbling across Trotec, he assumed the machines were large format printers. However, when he saw what the laser machines were capable of, he began to come up with all sorts of ideas…
“The laser machine opened up a whole new door for me. There is so much you can do with it, it’s just incredible. I’ve made some amazing things with my Speedy 100”.
Today, John is creating some beautiful pieces. He uses the Trotec Solid Wood range as well as the unique South Australian wood ‘She Oak’. It only grows in Albany, where John and his wife live, and you can’t be found anywhere else. Apparently, it is a very valuable and sort-after material, and John says it is perfect for laser cutting and engraving!
“The local She Oak got me. It has an incredible look to it – when it’s laser processed, you can just see it was meant to be. It gives off that beautiful timber contrast, really complimenting the laser work.”

Voegler Creations: laser cut jewellery

Why Trotec?

The main reason John decided to purchase a laser engraving machine from Trotec was the quality: 
“I was looking online for laser machines - I was watching videos. And I kept on going back to Trotec just because of how it was made. You could see the quality of the machine in the video, and I knew I wasn’t going to buy something cheap. I wanted something reliable, industrial and could work every single day. The Speedy 100? It hasn’t missed a beat in the five years I’ve owned it. Not one.”
Voegeler Creations has also been blown away by the support that Trotec offers, especially for a little business in Albany, which is quite a long way away from any Trotec office.

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