Tapir laser cuttting tape

Tapir: The diversity of tape.

Trotec customer Tapir

About the customer

Tapir is situated in Emmen, near the border of the Netherlands and Germany. It is a company with fourteen employees, where both customers and employees are key and sustainability is of paramount importance. The name Tapir comes from an animal known for its fighting spirit and speed: for which the company is also known. For over twenty years, Tapir has been supplying self-adhesive tapes, adhesives, glue and Velcro to companies and the medical industry. "Our range is broad and diverse with specialisations in the field of home furnishings, printing, electronics, building and construction, plastics processing, LED lighting, cable and wire, stand construction and advertising,'' says Alexander Evenhuis (Director of Tapir).

Tapir laser cuttting tape

Versatile custom made products

''Flexibility and efficiency are the keywords in today's manufacturing industry. Trotec's laser systems enable us to create customized tapes. The tapes are used for cladding, for MRI devices, for racking labels, and even for a facelift (the factelift tape) ... to name just a few. We also use the kiss cut method on our laser machine. With this method, the tape is cut without cutting through the underlying silicon layer. A frequently used application is the production of products in the form desired by the customer. With a laser you can engrave, kiss cut, perforate and cut in one step. A cost-efficient process with low operating and material costs and a high degree of flexibility'', Alexander Evenhuis says.

Alexander Evenhuis Director of Tapir

The smart way to laser cutting

Tapir now owns no less than three Trotec laser systems, a Speedy 400, a SP2000 and a brand new Speedy 400 that they've recently purchased. "We'd love to add another laser cutting machine, but there's no space for that at the moment," says Alexander Evenhuis.

Good service is always an additional asset

''A laser cutting machine has a lot of advantages, everyone was convinced of that. But productivity and efficiency are crucial to a company's success. Customers expect high quality and fast on-time delivery. Downtime is unacceptable. Therefore, when purchasing laser systems, it is important to consider not only the performance of the system itself, but also the service and support provided by the supplier. Trotec Laser was therefore a logical choice. They not only offer laser systems, but also service and support when a customer needs it. So we are very satisfied and look forward to a further cooperation with Trotec," says Alexander Evenhuis.

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