TAP successfully adds additional service thanks to Speedy 360

About TAP

The name already says it all. TAP, abbreviated from Tourné Aluminium Products, originally processed and engraved aluminium. The company has since expanded as a metal processing company. Thanks to the purchase of the Speedy 360 laser engraver, the company expanded its services to include laser engraving. 

Tourné Aluminum Products was founded in 1989 as a primarily metal processing company. They manufacture lettering in a variety of materials and applications, from aluminum to stainless steel and from wood to acrylic. TAP's target customers are the funeral industry, construction companies, artists and corporate gift sellers.

The emergence of a new service at TAP

The decision to acquire a laser engraver was motivated by the company's existing services, which included moulding, milling, and water cutting. The need to expand their service offerings led them to consider laser engraving, driven by a growing demand for this service, particularly from clients in the funeral industry. 

Prior to acquiring their laser machine, TAP used to subcontract their laser engraving services to an external partner. By purchasing the Speedy 360 laser machine, they brought this service in house.
The Speedy 360 has opened up new opportunities for the metalworking company, with director Christian Moermans highlighting the machine's versatility and daily usage. He explains, "We operate with small production runs, so the usage can range from handling individual products to larger production jobs. Each day is different."

Good advice and quality

According to the director, the reason for choosing Trotec Laser is the good service offered at Trotec and the quality of the laser machines. "If we experience a breakdown or want to work with a new product, we send an email to Trotec and get good advice right away," says Mr. Moermans. The service is therefore really a great added value for Christian. 
The Speedy 360 is used for such purposes as engraving memorial plaques, creating logos for furniture production, engraving work for corporate gifts, engraving work for applying a brass logo in wood, and many more. The machine delivers high quality results at high speed and is thus widely used at TAP and relieves the staff in various areas.

Easier workflow thanks to Ruby®

It is also thanks to Trotec's laser software Ruby®TAP's laser engraving service runs so well. The usability is great and it is easy to find one's way around the software.
"The biggest advantage of Trotec's Ruby® software is the overall package, which is tailored to the laser machine, eliminating the need to work through numerous other software packages to get a workable file. We really like Ruby®."

"We use stainless steel, TroLase Metallic and various types of wood. Most of the materials we supply to customers are purchased through Trotec, with the remainder supplied by customers themselves."

Christian Moermans

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