Seitzberger Display rely on the SP1500 laser cutter for shop fitting.

The SP1500 large-format laser cutter has been used by Seitzberger Display since 2009 and scores with productivity and quality in the engraving of trophies and displays of all kinds.


Shop fitting


Göstling an der Ybbs, Austria

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About Seitzberger Display

Seitzberger Display is based in Göstling an der Ybbs. Specialising in individual and unique acrylic glass processing, displays and vacuum formed parts for shop fitting and trade fair construction, the team also offer digital printing. The company currently employs around 30 people and for over 34 years has established a reputation for technical expertise, professionalism, solution orientation, reliability and flexibility.

Shop fitting requires quality and efficiency

To be able to produce the various applications in the best and most cost-efficient way, Seitzberger Display has an extensive range of machinery at its disposal. Especially for the topic "shop fitting", a machine was needed that delivers perfect engraving and cutting results with acrylic and Plexiglas® and at the same time works highly efficiently and requires low maintenance. With the large-format laser SP1500, Seitzberger has been optimally equipped for all customer requirements since 2009.

The SP1500 delivers high-quality laser engraving and cutting results in best time

At Seitzberger Display, the SP1500 laser cutting machine is mainly used for engraving trophies and all kinds of displays. The large-format laser cutter from Trotec scores with productivity and quality. Thanks to the machine's flexibility, individual customer requests can be realised quickly and cost-efficiently. Thanks to the high power, the SP1500 is also fast when cutting white acrylic for displays and delivers visually perfect laser cutting results - burnt corners are a thing of the past. As the machine is very intuitive to handle, employees can quickly become familiar with its operation.

"We have been using the SP1500 since 2009, so we are already a longtime Trotec customer and very satisfied with the reliability and flexibility of the machine. And in case of a problem, Trotec is always a competent, reliable partner."

Wilhelm Seitzberger

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