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Wie is Iris Nijenhuis?

Iris Nijenhuis is jewelry designer and uses a Trotec Laser. She likes to talk about how her career as a designer started and how she uses her laser machine for creative designs on a daily basis: "In 2011 I graduated from the Amsterdam Fashion Institute in the direction of Design. My graduation project consisted of a collection of textiles and garments in which I applied different techniques to explore the potential of textiles. By experimenting with laser cutting, I worked out a technique in which textile puzzle pieces form the basis for the design process. By sliding the puzzle pieces together, inspiring shapes and structures are created that can form different products. After my graduation I was approached for the project Te[ch]x(t)iles, part of the exhibition Couture Graphique of MOTI in Breda. I dismantled a depreciated Chesterfield armchair and cut the leather into hundreds of small puzzle pieces and a few larger pattern pieces. I manually puzzled all the separate parts together. The result, a unique dress consisting of about 1400 leather puzzle pieces, has been exhibited at MOTI (2012), De Centrale OBA (2013), and MUDAC (Musée de design et d'arts appliqués contemporains, Lausanne, 2014). Because laser technology also lends itself perfectly to wearable accessories, I developed a jewellery collection. With the Rayjet laser cutter, I cut various types of textile into puzzle pieces, which are hand-puzzled into bracelets, necklaces and earrings. By manually removing or adding puzzle pieces, the shape, size and possibly the colour of the design can be personalized. By using different fabrics, supple or firm, with or without a design, the designs have a different look in each version. As of 2015 I started to focus completely on this collection, which has grown into a wide range of jewellery. I also design for a distributor laser cut designs such as lamps and displays for their stores. Here they sell all kinds of innovative products, including my jewelry collection. I also regularly do laser cutting for various companies such as advertising agencies, fashion designers, startups and other organizations".

The challenge

In the search for a total solution, Iris Nijenhuis ended up with laser technology. "I think it's a beautiful, versatile technique with which I can go in many directions, I don't need any other devices besides the laser cutter to design and produce my jewellery. I have complete control over the design process and production, so I don't have to outsource anything. With the Rayjet laser cutter I can cut or engrave all kinds of textiles, cardboard, paper, plastic, PLEXIGLAS® or wood. I mainly make the jewellery from textiles, for the closures I use TroLase material (silver/copper/gold coloured plastic) and for the packaging of the jewellery I use kraft paper. I also use PLEXIGLAS® and wood for shop displays, signs and lamps".

The Trotec Laser Solution

"I chose a laser cutter from Trotec laser because of its user-friendly and clear software. In addition, the laser cutter requires little maintenance, in addition to keeping it clean. All in all a reliable and versatile laser machine".

Trotec wishes Iris every success in making many more beautiful jewellery. Also curious about the possibilities of laser technology? Please contact us for additional information, a free demonstration or a free test of your material.

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