"Our Trotec laser has taken our lighting panels to the next level."

LumaMedia is an international business specialising in the creation of electroluminescent light sources to backlight signage. Alongside their main application, the team also specialise in vehicle wraps, exhibit properties, and architectural elements. Headquartered in Grants Pass, Oregon, LumaMedia currently own a 60w Speedy 300 laser engraving machine used in the creation of custom acrylic signage solutions.

Eliminating outsourcing with Trotec laser.

Before their purchase of a Trotec laser machine, LumaMedia experienced limitations when customising products. The company was operating with vinyl plotters, but had difficulties when it came to fulfilling acrylic requests. Due to the number of enquiries received for laser cutting acrylic, the team began to outsource the process. Dave Lennon, owner of LumaMedia, decided to research purchasing a laser machine yo remove the requirement for outsourcing and bring the process in-house to improve turn-around times. He was also interested in purchasing a laser machine to increase LumaMedia's product offerings and expand their customisation abilities. After speaking with Universal Laser Systems about their laser machine options and using a demo unit for a few months, Dave reached out to Trotec.

"Speed and quality are the reasons we purchased a Trotec".

Initially using a demo unit from Universal Laser Systems, LumaMedia found that the laser was unable to keep up with their production schedule. This led to Dave Lennon reaching out to Warren Knipple, President of Trotec Laser, Inc. For a time, LumaMedia was using a borrowed machine from Trotec laser machine to see how the laser would integrate within their business prior to purchasing. LumaMedia found that the Speedy 300 was much faster and produced a higher quality end product than the ULS system. LumaMedia decided to purchase that machine as well as additional laser machines for other locations. Since the purchase of a Trotec laser machine, LumaMedia has been able to eliminate outsourcing, accept more intricate customisation jobs, and has begun to fulfil laser jobs for other companies – bringing in revenue from an unanticipated market.

LumaMedia uses a Trotec to expand their market.

Alongside speeding up production times and producing higher quality products, LumaMedia states that owing a Trotec laser engraving machine has brought in more international interest. Once work on their Trotec machine began, LumaMedia started documenting their laser work and posting it to their YouTube account. These videos led to LumaMedia receiving customisation requests from all over the globe.

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