Kvantorium Novatoriya

"Kvantorium Novatoriya” is an institution that not only offers the possibility of additional education for pupils, it has proven to be the real smithy for highly qualified personnel. The lab provides young and future scientists with the opportunity to use safe high-tech equipment, including a Speedy 300 laser engraver.




Ivanovo, Russia

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Speedy 300

About "Kvantorium Novatoriya’’.

"Kvantorium Novatoriya’’ is a high-tech-laboratory based in Ivanovo, where qualified teachers train a pool of children and young engineers. Trainees are involved in the process of developing, testing and implementing innovative technologies in the sphere of additional education in Ivanovo region.
The federal operator of the Kvantorium project is the federal state institution "Fund for New Forms of Education Development", Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation.

When working with children, safety comes first.

"Kvantorium” doesn't just provide the possibility of additional education for pupils, it is the real smithy for highly qualified personnel that are so essential to both science and the economy. The laboratory aims to provide safe, high-tech equipment to its young and future scientists, who use the lab to create and produce samples as well as small-scale batches of products for various markets. It soon became apparent that the Chinese laser machine the lab was using did not match their requirements. Technical problems as well as safety issues slowed down the process and made the team look for a new laser engraving and cutting machine. 

Highly creative 13-year-old laser user wins UNESCO competition.

With the 60 watt Trotec Speedy 300 laser engraver, the lab is now perfectly equipped to work with children, as the laser machine ensures absolute safety during operation. Furthermore, Trotec's Ruby® laser software is functional and intuitive, so that children easily prepare layouts for laser processing.

13-year-old Andrey Maslov, a pupil of “Kvantorium Novatoriya”, developed "High-speed magnetic tag Pyatnashki", successfully patented his production prototype and now produces small-scale batches of the product for sale in a specialised online store "Speedcubes.ru ". One of the world records for high-speed assembly was set on Andrey's tags. Tag is popular with speed sliders both in Russia and abroad. In addition, Andrey developed the concept of the game "Semnashki" according to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, produced a sample for the UNESCO international competition on a laser machine and became one of the winners of the competition.

"The Trotec laser machine allowed us to forget about technical issues and direct all our efforts to the process of teaching children. The Speedy laser engraver is easy to use, quickly mastered by 11-12-year-olds who can, under the guidance of mentors, produce a wide range of products using diverse materials. And if we have any questions, Trotec specialists answer as quickly as possible and any, even the most difficult question is solved on the same day."  

Boris Vorob'ev
Mentor of the hi-tech laboratory

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