SP500 opens up new business options for plastic parts manufacturer.

Plastics processor Kubopura uses the SP500 laser cutter for high-volume acrylic cutting and identifies potential for product personalisation and traceability markings.


Cutting of acrylic sheets and engraving of complex patterns


Tokyo, Japan

Laser Machine

SP500 120 W

About Kubopura Corporation.

Kubopura Corporation was founded in 1996 and is a comprehensive plastic processing manufacturer. The company produces industrial precision products and cuts acrylic materials to produce equipment covers and various other parts. Kubopura Corp. is based in Tokyo and currently has around 20 employees.

Delicate shapes require an outstanding tool.

Kubopura is often asked by customers to engrave a company's name and logo on the plastic parts they produce. When processed on a CNC machine, the team realised that the marking results are often unsatisfactory, as the cutting blade is too large to realise high-quality engravings with fine geometries. Also, depending on the shape of the blade, the corners may be rounded during processing, making it difficult to accurately reproduce the shape.

Kubopura Corp. decided to search for a more precise technology to remedy this. They soon realised that laser technology would be the ideal solution. They trusted Trotec laser technology, as they have a relationship with a company that was using a Trotec laser machine already. Then, as they watched the actual engraving of an acrylic plate with the Trotec SP500 laser cutter, Mr. Susaki, General Manager of the Sales Department, and Mr. Nakagawa, Manager of the Production Department, were overwhelmed by the excellent engraving results of even the finest details. During the further buying process Kubopura compared the processing speed and quality of different laser companies, but none was better than the SP500 laser cutter.

The laser cutter opens up additional business opportunities.

In January 2022 Kubopura had their Trotec SP500 120W laser cutter installed to be able to expand the range of plastic processing. Thanks to the large working area of the SP500 laser cutter, big plastic plates up to 1245 x 710 mm are easily processed. The high laser power of 120 W enables the machine to beautifully cut even thick materials.

Although they are new to the laser business, Kubopura has already received an increasing number of different laser requests, with customers smitten by the high-quality engravings which give a luxurious look and feel to their products.

For the future, Kubopura plans to focus on large-volume acrylic cutting as well as addressing the topics personalisation and traceability more intensively, due to their infinite potential. From the engraving of company names and logos to the marking of model numbers, serial numbers and product information.

“We were so happy with the speed of processing and the quality of the finished product, there was no other choice - the SP500 is the perfect laser cutter for us!”

Mr. Nakagawa
Manager of the Production Department

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