Howden Turbo relies on Trotec laser marking machines.

About Howden Turbo GmbH

Howden Turbo GmbH is a mechanical engineering company with 6,000 employees worldwide. The company develops and manufactures turbomachinery, comprising of compressors, turbo-fans and steam turbines for a wide range of industrial applications in oil & gas, power generation, process engineering, wastewater treatment and other industries. 

Company requirements

Laser marking machines are used in mechanical manufacturing for component identification and for the production of type plates for turbomachinery. Many materials are used for this purpose, including metallic materials such as steel, aluminium and brass and plastic plates, which are either inscribed or laser engraved depending on the requirement of the application.

The components are marked with different information during the ongoing production process, which is used for identification of the components in assembly or field service. The laser parameters are configured so that the laser marking result is permanently durable and still legible even under difficult conditions, such as dirt, while creating a good contrast between the marking and the base material. For Mr. Müller, these requirements were decisive for a stable process and were effectively solved with the introduction of the SpeedMarker 1350 laser marking machine.

The advantages of Trotec laser marking machine

For their laser marking solution Howden Turbo chose the SpeedMarker 1350 with customisation. 
Alongside the laser engraving quality and the capability to quickly find suitable material parameters, the team were also sold on the extensive possibilities of process scripting in the SpeedMark laser software. This feature allows the team to reduce the rate of errors in the production process to an absolute minimum and thanks to the user-friendly nature of the laser software, extensive training is not required.
The in-house production capabilities that the team at Howden Turbo have make the team more flexible in production time with less dependence on suppliers. The company saves up to 60% on average on the cost of previously purchased name plates. 

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