Happylab empowers members with creative freedom thanks to Trotec Laser

At Happylab, the use of lasers enables members to implement a wide variety of projects. Trotec laser cutters form the basis for creative realisation.


Cutting and engraving of members' projects


Vienna, Austria

Laser machine

Speedy 400 & Q500

Members use the makerspace for creative ideas

Happylab was founded in 2006 by Karim Jafarmadar and Roland Stelzer. The two founders and managing directors created one of the first makerspaces in Austria. Beginning as a private workshop, 3 locations were developed, one each in Vienna, Salzburg and also Berlin. The idea was to offer creative innovators and entrepreneurs space to realise their ideas and projects. The entire team consists of 10 employees, with 7 are employed in Vienna. The 900 m2 Makerspace in Vienna offers a variety of different technologies for members to work, including two Trotec laser cutters.

Fast and qualitative processing for young entrepreneurs and hobbyists.

The laser cutters offer members a wide range of possibilities to implement their projects precisely, quickly and easily. The laser machines allow materials to be processed in new ways, giving rise to new ideas that can then be further developed. In the makerspace, the lasers are primarily used for cutting and engraving. Architecture students use the lasers to quickly cut and create their models. Young creative designers cut and engrave their creations and personalise them for their customers. What can be done in just minutes with lasers can often take hours by hand. Laser technology brings great added value to Happylab and its members in terms of speed and precision, enabling individuals and small businesses to easily turn their ideas into reality.

Demand from members led to the purchase of the laser machines.

From the beginning, Happylab was a pioneer in the use of laser machines, purchasing the first laser soon after its foundation. The reason for the purchase was the demand from prospective members. Laser engravers and cutters were in demand and Happylab always wanted to be one step ahead. Over time, various devices were in use until the purchase of the first Trotec laser in 2014.  The decisive factors for the purchase from Trotec were ultimately the simple and open communication that was possible with Trotec, as well as the personal contact. In addition, Trotec was one of the few suppliers with high-quality machines that met the requirements for suitability to use in the Makerspace. Devices needed to be robust, reliable and, above all, easy to operate. Since then, several Trotec laser cutters have already found their way into the Makerspace. Members now have access to a Speedy 400 and a Q500 in Vienna and a Speedy 300 and Speedy 400 in Berlin. Happylab is open seven days a week around the clock, which means the lasers run 24 hours a day and are always available to members for their projects.

"Open communication like no other provider: We were particularly impressed by the service, because open communication and personal contact were possible at all times. Especially when questions about new use cases arose and we tried to find solutions together."

Leyla Jafarmadar
Communications Manager

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