Grand Garage Linz - Makerspace for creative and entrepreneurial minds

At the Grand Garage in Linz, professionals and novices alike have access to over 90 machines to realize their ideas and projects. Among the most sought-after machines are the three laser devices from Trotec.


Realization of a wide variety of ideas and prototypes


Linz, Austria

Laser machine

Speedy 400 Run on Ruby®, Speedy 360 , Rayjet R500

About Grand Garage.

The makerspace "Grand Garage" opened in 2019 in the historic Tabakfabrik in Linz. Since then, members have had access to over 90 professional machines and digital technologies in the open workshop.  Professional or novice, all are invited to realize their ideas and projects in the innovation workshop after a comprehensive training. Many students, pupils, start-ups, artists and researchers benefit from the inspiring community at the Grand Garage, which supports them in achieving their goals.

Turning ideas into reality - laser technology makes it possible.

Without question, the three Trotec lasers - a Speedy 400 Run on Ruby, a Speedy 360 and a Rayjet R500 - are among the most used machines in the modern makerspace. Popular applications include personalizing gifts, creating decorative items and signs, and creating 3D reliefs from 2-dimensional wood or plastic sheets. But also start-ups  benefit from access to the high-tech lasers and create prototypes of their business ideas in the Grand Garage. Thanks to the lasers, new ideas can be realized quickly, easily and cost-effectively.

Trotec lasers are the first choice thanks to their safety and user-friendliness.

On the one hand, the Grand Garage decided in favor of Trotec's laser devices due to the top functionality and high performance of the machines. These enable a wide range of applications and thus contribute to the attractiveness of the Grand Garage. Thanks to the proximity to the Trotec premises, one also knows to be in the best hands in case of any technical problems or questions that might arise.

Since the lasers in a makerspace are operated by many users, including inexperienced ones, the aspect of safety also played an important role in the selection. Thanks to the closed design of the Trotec laser devices, they provide maximum safet and laser users are optimally protected.

In addition, the Grand Garage benefits from the easy operation of the Trotec laser machines and, above all, from the new intuitive and intelligent Trotec Ruby® software, which enables the members to quickly operate the machines on their own.

Ruby® is very popular, the new software is much easier to use, the interface is prettier, and you don't need a second software to start the laser process anymore. We have been using Ruby® for about 6 months now and people are very happy with it!

Michael Eckl

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