Fleva Products opt for flexible production with Trotec.

Fleva Products from Lieshout has been a true household name in the field of plastic semi-finished products for many years. For more than six years the company has been processing plastic for a range of applications using different technologies. At the beginning of 2019 the team integrated laser cutting as an additional technology to their production, purchasing an R500 laser machine from Trotec Laser. "The laser cutter gives us the necessary flexibility and the ability to anticipate the customer's possible requirements", says owner Floris Vermeulen.

Fleva Products as a reliable partner

Floris Vermeulen is no longer an unknown name in the world of plastics. The company has been supplying processed plastics to various markets since 2013, such as the electronics industry, mobility industry, food industry, lighting industry and mechanical engineering. Fleva Products supplies tailor-made products and over the years the team have built up a diverse range of machines. "We are proud to be able to do everything ourselves,'' says Vermeulen. Laser cutting and laser engraving capabilities joined the existing processing options for the team, including milling, glueing, printing and bending.  "Every year, Fleva Products produces thousands of custom-made parts and semi-finished products, mainly housing parts, gears, footplates and cover plates. What distinguishes us, however, is that we don't just do production. In addition to offering non-binding advice and support, we can also take care of the design and technical drawing work for our customers, making us not only a supplier, but more of a reliable partner'', says Vermeulen.

New laser machine

Owner Floris Vermeulen once worked for a technical company where he had his first experience of laser cutting technology. "I can still remember very well that I was taken in tow in the search for a laser. It was then that I developed an interest in laser technology and discovered the market'', says Floris Vermeulen.  To improve the quality and to spend less time on laser cutting and laser engraving, Fleva invested in a Trotec laser cutter. "If you want laser cutting and laser engraving as a company at a high level, then you have to invest in good systems," says Floris Vermeulen. As well as investing in Trotec's laser technology, the team also use Trotec engraving materials. "It's very nice that we have everything from one supplier whom we also trust very much. That's why we order a lot of our plastics (TroLase and TroLase Metallic) from the Trotec webshop. Not only because of the convenience, but also because the laser material at Trotec is of high quality'', says Floris Vermeulen.

Trotec advantages

Fleva Products discovered Trotec Laser during their search for a suitable laser machine. Following conversations and a demonstration. Fleva purchased the R500 laser cutter, with a decisive aspect being the dual source technology. ''Our laser machine contains two laser sources, which enables us to laser engrave as well as laser cut. This was one of the conditions, since we work with it so much. We didn't have to compromise on either of the two aspects'', says Vermeulen. Fleva Products is very satisfied with the R500 laser machine, which is in daily use since the purchase and is rarely switched off. "It is the workhorse of the company''.

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