Branding natural wood furniture with a Trotec laser engraver.

TEAM 7 use a C02 laser marker from Trotec to mark natural wood furniture with company logos and important product information. The introduction of the SpeedMarker means that TEAM 7 has not only been able to increase marking quality, they have also improved the workflow and associated processes.


Marking of solid wood furniture with logo and product information


Ried im Innkreis, Austria

Laser Machine

SpeedMarker 50 60W

About TEAM 7.

TEAM 7 is an Upper Austrian company dedicated to the production of high-quality, sustainable furniture made from natural wood. For decades, the entire manufacturing process has been carried out in Upper Austria. By controlling the entire production process, from tree to furniture, TEAM 7 guarantees environmentally friendly, high-quality manufacturing and consistently goes the green way. To be able to offer its customers perfection and quality, TEAM 7 relies on top trained carpenters and state-of-the-art technologies.

High quality furniture deserves perfect marking.

TEAM 7 previously used branding irons to apply the company logo and important product information to their customised furniture. This method caused production issues as they produced different results depending on the employee using them, while also carrying a not inconsiderable risk of injury. In the search for a marking method of higher quality, the company soon came across laser technology - and Trotec Laser.

Beautiful markings underline the quality of the brand TEAM 7.

Trotec's geographical proximity and its large, informative showroom were important factors for TEAM7 when choosing their laser. In addition, the laser manufacturer convinced with a comprehensive service. The ideal laser solution was developed and a SpeedMarker 50 laser marker 60W was safely integrated into the existing production line. Detailed on-site training sessions prepared the employees for the independent operation of the laser.

Thanks to the high-quality optics of the laser marker, logos and other information are now evenly applied and with the highest accuracy on the different types of wood. The  markings reflect the quality of TEAM 7's custom-made furniture. The intelligent Trotec SpeedMark laser software with its comprehensive database, where parameters for the different wood types and product information are managed, ensures an efficient, intuitive and thus quick workflow.

"With the introduction of the laser marker, we were not only able to increase the quality of the marking and safety, but also improved the workflow and associated processes."

Mst. Thomas Aigner

SpeedMarker Series
Industrial marking of individual components as well as large batches.

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