BMTEC: From startup business to renowned company.



Bakschik Martirosian started his business, BMTEC, from his bedroom. Six years later BMTEC is a renowned company with 14 employees, more than 700 customers, 4 Trotec laser machines and a premises of 1200m2.

Once upon a time...

Bakschik Martirosian (founder and owner of BMTEC) studied Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. "During my studies and internship I discovered how beautiful production processes and systems are. I wanted to do something with that. My bedroom was transformed into an office space and soon my one-man business grew and I had to look for a premises. At BMTEC we are experts in laser cutting, but also in giving engineering advice. With unprecedented enthusiasm we support our customers to get more out of laser cutting plastics - every step they take gives us a big energy boost", Bakschik said.

Investing in laser cutting machines - Trotec Laser

BMTEC has been a specialist in semi-finished products for more than seven years. The customers supplied by BMTEC operate in a range of industries including mechanical engineering, yacht and ship building, automotive, medical and energy industry. Some of their renowned clients include Honeywell, Shell, Siemens and Campina. As business increased it wasn't long before the arsenal of machinery had to expand with additional Trotec laser machines. Nowadays BMTEC utilises a Speedy 300 laser engraving machine and two laser cutting machines, the large format SP1500 and SP2000.

Advantages of Trotec Laser cutters

''For us it's very important the laser system produces constant quality and clear cutting edges. Also the tolerance and lifetime of the machine is very important when buying a laser system. We've decided to buy Trotec laser systems not only for the high quality of the machine, but also for their service. I should be able to trust my supplier; with Trotec I found quality, service and trust." Bakschik said.

Automation is the future

''The plans for the future are full automation. We are already streamlining the entire process and integrating all components with the help of the laser systems, but we would like to go a step further. By automating, we hope to become even faster and better than we already are" said Bakschik.  

Technologies Added

Alongside BMTEC, Bakschik is also involved in a field lab. The Netherlands has recently got a new field lab, called Technologies Added. A field lab is a practical environment where companies form an environment where Smart Industry solutions are developed, tested and implemented. ''We at BMTEC strive to encourage companies to apply smart technology and digitisation and thus create new business opportunities. Our Trotec R500 laser cutting machine is in the field lab. In this way I hope to give young, motivated people and companies a push in the right direction. I firmly believe that such a laser system can contribute to success, just as it did to me" Bakschik said.

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