Trotec Vision Design&Position

Camera-assisted live design and live job positioning in Ruby® Laser Software.

Why you need Trotec Vision Design & Position.

The powerful camera cleverly integrated into the laser lid delivers a detailed, sharp live color image of the entire work surface to the Ruby® Laser software in seconds.  In this way, you can design a graphic, set a text directly on the workpiece or align an existing laser job live in Ruby®. It is no longer necessary to position graphics manually using the laser pointer, save the graphic position in the software, measure materials and objects or take a cumbersome route via graphics software with a printer driver. Vision Design & Position shortens the laser workflow. Residual materials can be better utilized.

Full integration with Ruby® makes working with the laser machine easier, faster and more profitable. First-time laser machine users get a perfect result more quickly.

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Camera-assisted design and positioning of the laser job directly on the workpiece

With Trotec Vision Design & Position, the laser engraver can visualize with maximum precision in real time. This feature accelerates the laser workflow and allows laser processing exactly where you want it. Work faster, simpler and more profitably.

Live image transfer with high-resolution camera

The powerful camera in the lid provides up to 12 megapixels of resolution for a detailed, sharp live color image of the entire work surface in Ruby®. Regardless of whether the lid is open or closed. View the laser job on the workpiece in advance -  "What You See Is What You Get" (WYSIWYG).

Virtual job positioning in Ruby®

Align an existing laser job live in Ruby® directly to the workpiece.  Size, rotation and position. No cumbersome measuring of workpieces, residual materials or objects. No need for any manual positioning using the laser pointer or saving the graphic position in the software.

Virtual graphic design in Ruby®

Create or edit your layout live in Ruby® and position it directly on your workpiece. No cumbersome way via graphics software with a printer driver.

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