Pass-Through Technology

Compatible Laser Systems

Speedy 400
Speedy 400 flexx™

No Length Limits

Trotec's Speedy 400 and SP500 models are equipped with pass-through technology, which allows users to process workpieces that are larger than their work areas. Two panels located at the front and back sides of these lasers can be conveniently opened so that materials can simply pass through.

When pass-through technology is enabled, a laser system is categorized as a Class 4 laser. Therefore, appropriate safety precautions must be taken. 

Endless Applications

Pass-through technology enables users to cut and engrave a wide range of workpieces, such as sheet materials, wooden doors, stainless steel panels, musical instruments, furniture parts, and sporting equipment.

The Speedy 400 and SP500 systems are also compatible with roll feeders, which makes it easy to cut fabrics, as well as engrave stickers and labels, with efficiency.

Maximum Workpiece Dimensions

Model Max. Width Max. Height Max. Length
Speedy 400 40"
Speedy 400 flexx™ 40"
SP500 49"

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