Vision Design & Position: Speedy Run on Ruby® can now also see.

4. Mai 2022 •

Camera-assisted design and positioning directly on the workpiece.

With the new Trotec Vision Design & Position function, the laser engravers Speedy 400 and Speedy 360 Run on Ruby® can now also see in real time. This means that a design can be created live in Ruby®, directly on the workpiece, or an existing job can be positioned on residual material.  Vision Design & Position shortens the laser workflow helps you to position the laser job quickly and correctly. There is no need for manual positioning using the laser pointer or saving the graphic position in the software. With this innovation, Trotec makes another step to make laser users’ work simpler, faster and more profitable.

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Release Laser Software Ruby® 2.3

In addition, Trotec has extended the Ruby ® Laser Software with some new features. Ruby® can be installed free of charge by all Speedy customers of Trotec. This means that owners of Trotec Speedy laser machines of the models Speedy 100 ,300, 360 and 400 can install Ruby® free of charge and use it in full operation.

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