Create Protective Products for Public Spaces and the Workplace

Published on: 05/20/2020

As businesses prepare to restart operations there is increased demand for protective items and social distancing products. The versatility of a laser system means that Trotec customers are ideally placed to switch production to supply products to meet this demand.

We've collated some ideas for products which will help businesses to protect employees and reduce the spread of Covid-19. All of these items can be made using a laser cutter and Trotec materials.

1. Face Shields

Trotec Canada modified a ThingiVerse face shield design so that the whole piece could be made from one single sheet of PET.

Trotec will soon have stock of PET materials in the UK, contact us for pricing and to pre-order.

Pre-Order PET Now See DIY tutorial

2. Social Distancing & Safety Signage

Trotec's TroLase engraving laminates are ideal for all types of workplace signage. Available in varying thicknesses and colour combinations, create bold messages to help employees stay alert at work.

We provide a DIY tutorial for "Wash Hands", but you can adapt it for any message.

Order Trolase online See DIY tutorial

3. Social Distancing floor stickers

You can use Trotec's TroLase Foil material to create bold floor stickers to remind people to keep their distance or to follow a one-way route around a building.

Please note that we do not recommend TroLase foil for heavy traffic areas.

See DIY tutorial Check out TroLase Foils

4. Social Distancing floor stencils

Stencils are easily cut using a laser cutter. Trolase Thins or TroLase ADA are ideal materials for this application. Simply cut the design from the thin engraving material and use it as a stencil for spray-painting social distance messages to hard floor surfaces. In addition to Trolase Thins and Trolase ADA, we currently have a special clearance offer on 0.8mm Matt Appliqué which would also be ideal for this purpose.

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5. Protective Screens / Sneeze Guards

Many retail outlets and public spaces are installing protective screens, also known as sneeze guards. Generally made from clear engravable acrylic, these screens help to protect employees and the general public.

We recommend 3mm, 5mm or 6mm TroGlass clear for this application. As laser acrylic is in high demand at the moment, contact us now for stock information and to place your order.

Contact us for stock information

6. Desk Dividers and Partitions

Existing privacy panels can be extended or full length partitions installed to reduce the risk of virus transmission between employees who work at desks or workspaces near one another.

We recommend TroGlass engravable acrylic for this application or Clear TroPly Ultra Reverse which is a modified acrylic and therefore less brittle than the cast varieties. It's possible to use coloured materials for desk dividers and partitions, since it is not essential to be able to see through these partitions.

Check out acrylic special offer

7. Ear savers / ear buddies for face mask elastics

Laser cutters are ideal for cutting these nifty pieces which can make wearing face masks which are secured by elastic more comfortable to wear.

We've seen all different shapes and styles for ear savers and they can be made from any flexible material. We recommend Trolase Thins, Trolase ADA and Trolase engraving laminate in 0.8mm thickness for this. A tutorial with artwork is available to download here.

We also currently have a special offer on 0.8mm Appliqué acrylic which would work well for this application.

See special offer

8. Touchless hand and finger hooks

These small gadgets can help prevent people from needed to touch door handles, buttons and switches in public places. They have even been used to push a trolley around a supermarket! Made from engravable acrylic, a keyring can be added to make them super handy and accessible to the user. We recommend laser acrylic with a thickness of at least 5mm for this application, to ensure rigidity of the finished product.

Buy acrylic online Go to DIY tutorial

Our colleagues from Trotec USA have created a short film showing how some of their customers have used their lasers to create protective products.

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