July Webinar: Laser Software Ruby® 2 & Speedy 400 Run on Ruby®

Join us for a special Hot Topics webinar on our new Ruby laser software

July 15, 2021 at 5 pm BST

Join us for a special Hot Topics webinar this July and see first-hand how Ruby® will make working with your laser machine simpler and faster. Trotec laser software experts Alexander Schikowski and Harald Holzner will join Laser Dave Stevens from Trotec USA to provide an in-depth overview of the Ruby® laser software and a demonstration on our new Speedy 400 Run on Ruby®.

Attendees will get a sneak peek at the new features including:

  • What is Ruby® laser software and what can it do for you?
  • How to manage, design and prepare laser jobs from your Mac
  • How you can connect all your laser machines in a network and work remotely
  • New Speedy 400 Run on Ruby®
  • All-new rotary attachment workflow

The presentation will be followed by an in-depth Q&A session with the hosts.

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Your experts for our new laser software Ruby®

Alexander Schikowski - Product Owner Ruby®

Alexander Schikowski is the 24/7 expert of Ruby® who has been part of the Trotec team for over 5 years. Alexander has been leading the development project in his role as product owner and is therefore an expert in demonstrating Ruby.

Harald Holzner - Product Manager Speedy

Harald Holzner is the expert for the Speedy series of laser engraving machines, with a long experience as a Product Manager and almost 3 years of responsibility for the Speedy family. Open mind for customer requirements and ready to demonstrate the advantages and features of the Speedy family 24/7.

David Stevens - Industrial Applications Manager

David Stevens is renowned in the industry for his teaching abilities, and helping customers improve their laser processing techniques. Over the past two decades, he has held multiple roles at Universal Laser, including Applications Lab Manager, where he built, designed and produced Universal's catalogue of laser parameters and standardised settings, spending more than 35,000+ hours testing and learning all known materials and its reaction with laser processing, becoming an industry leader in laser technology. He joined Trotec Laser Inc in 2017 as the Industrial Applications Manager and heads the West Coast Training, Applications & Inspiration Lab.