Save on 1mm Anodised aluminium in April!

Published on: 04/08/2021

Data plates, safety signage and even photographic laser engraving! Anodised aluminium is the perfect engraving metal for creating durable products that last the test of time. The coloured UV stable coating makes the material ideal for exterior and interior applications and will not crack, chip or peel.

What's more, processing the metal with a laser machine or rotary machine yields different contrasts, with a crisp white finish created by laser engraving and a smooth silver from mechanical processing.

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April offer
10% off 1000 x 500 x 1mm Anodised Aluminium
Product code: 3504
Available cut to size
Offer valid until 30th April 2021

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More information about laser engraving anodised aluminium

As a coated metal, anodised aluminium is perfectly suited to laser engraving with a CO2 laser machine, but can also be processed with a fiber laser source. 

Whether you are processing with a flatbed laser engraving machine or a galvo marking system, laser engraving allows for fast production of data including serial numbers, bar codes and much more. 

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Laser engraving anodised aluminium

Video tutorial: Aluminium data plate

If you've never tried anodised aluminium, see for yourself how easy it is to process the material using a laser engraving machine in our video tutorial.

Using a Speedy 100 laser engraving machine we create a dataplate using a piece of cut to size material. 

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Anodised aluminium overview

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