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Published on: 02/01/2021

Bringing live laser machine demonstrations, materials workshops and customer interviews direct to your PC, Trotec UK Live was the first virtual exhibition of its kind. With trade shows unable to go ahead due to the global pandemic, Trotec assembled an all star selection of laser related content delivered over three days by our expert staff, covering everything from print&cut applications to product workshops and large format laser cutting demonstrations. 

All of the sessions are now available to view below, so if you missed a specific session or want to rewatch any of them, you can find them below. 

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Day 1 AM Sessions

Our laser machine experts Trevor and Jonny showcase the Speedy 400 laser engraver alongside the new Q500 laser cutter and how each machine performs using the same application. 

Join our laser experts Chris and Andy as they showcase some of the different products that can be created for the commercial market. 

Join our experts Jamie and Chris as they showcase the rotary engraving attachment and some of the different applications possible, including laser engraving Trotec's range of glitter bottles and a wooden rolling pin.

Day 1PM

Thinking of investing in a laser machine but not sure about financing?

Join Bryan and special guest Ben Matthews from Bluestar Leasing as they discuss the different options available.

Photoengraving allows you to easily replicate photos and create stunning pieces. In this session our applications expert Alex offers tips and tricks for achieving the best results. 

James and Trevor talk to Hannah from Hannah Nunn Ltd. Hannah has a passion for producing creative products with paper, and since a chance opportunity led her to developing her popular range of lamps she has not looked back.

Day 2AM

What are the differences between CO2 and fiber laser sources? Both lasers are suitable for different applications, including laser cutting and engraving different materials, but which is right for your laser cutting business?

New to Trotec materials? Our Consumables Director Marion and Application Expert Alex showcase the benefits of laser cutting and laser engraving Trotec materials.

Jamie and Bryan guide you through an overview of the Speedy 400 flatbed laser machine including a live demonstration and discussion of its features.

Day 2PM

In this video our experts Jonny, Trevor and Alex demonstrate a range of different flatbed laser machines and applications.

If you've been considering investing in a large format laser cutting machine, get an overview of the SP Series from our experts Andy and Alex,

Day 3AM

Join our experts Jonny and Andy as they demonstrate the capabilities a high speed laser marker can bring to your business.

In this special session our experts Alex and Bryan provide useful tips for laser machine software, allowing you to be more productive with your laser work.

Andy and Jonny compare the high-speed galvo laser markers and flatbed laser engraving machines, discussing the differences and advantages of both.

Day 3PM

In this video our experts Bryan and Alex discuss three of the many industries that could benefit from the technology, signage, display and promotional.

Alex and Andy discuss the different industrial applications that a laser machine can be used for, while offering some additional tips and tricks.

James and Jamie interview Brian from JPS Online LTD. Initially working in the corporate gift market, a request for industrial labels led Brian to found his company, JPS Online limited.

Day 3 PM Sessions

Print & Cut - Using the two technologies for business growth 1:05

Sample Zone (industrial and B2B products) 41:20

Live Customer & Q&A Interview with Brian Chaplin from JPS Online 1:25:31

Day 3 AM Sessions

Live Galvo Laser Marker Demonstration 2:00

Smart Production Management Software for laser cutters and engravers 41:20

Galvo Laser Systems V Plotter Laser Systems - Which do I need? 1:20:05

Day 2 PM

Which laser cutter is the right one for my business? (R series/Q series/Speedy series comparison) 0:00

Large format laser cutter SP2000 demonstration (live) 57:20

Day 2 AM

What's the difference between CO2 and fibre laser sources? 0:00

Trotec Materials Workshop 40:50

Speedy 400 laser engraver demonstration 1:20:23

Day 1 PM

Financing a laser machine (with guest speaker Ben Matthews, Bluestar leasing) - 0:00

Photographic Engraving Masterclass 39:43

Customer Live Interview with Hannah Nunn from Hannah Nunn Studio 1:17:51

Day 1 AM



Glass Tube V Ceramic laser systems

Sample Zone (arts, crafts, gift and other consumer products)

Rotary Attachments and the opportunities they bring

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