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Published on: 02/04/2020

Brand new: Stainless steel hip flasks

The latest addition to the Trotec range of engravable gifts are the brand new stainless steel hip flasks. Available in four different colours, our hip flasks are perfect for laser engraving thanks to their coloured coating. Hip flasks are common gifts for not only birthdays but also stag and hen parties, Christmas, Father's Day and many more. 

Thanks to the coloured coating*, a CO2 laser enables laser engraving a wide range of designs onto the hip flasks. In no time at all your personalised gift is ready to give or add to your range. For more information about our hip flasks and to see examples of laser engraved designs, visit our webshop today.

* Please note that our silver flasks are uncoated. An additional marking solution or fiber laser is required to achieve a laser engraving.

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Engravable bottles

Introduced in 2019, our stainless steel drinking bottles are another product which is ideal for personalising with laser engraving. The coloured coating* is engraved to create a striking effect. Made from 304 grade stainless steel, our bottles offer a number of benefits including keeping cold drinks cool for up to 24 hours, hot drinks warm for up to 12 hours and an air tight screw cap to prevent leakage.

For more information about our bottles for laser engraving, visit our webshop today. 

*Please note that our silver bottles are uncoated and require an additional marking solution or a fiber laser to mark.

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Wooden photo frames

Wood is a popular material for laser cutting and laser engraving, which means it's no surprise that a wooden photo frame makes an ideal gift. Made from high quality alder wood, these frames have been specially selected for the results that laser engraving provides. 

The homogeneous surface structure offers excellent results especially for applications such as deep laser engraving or when creating fine or light artwork. 

We've also created a tutorial which shows you how to personalise a photo frame using your Speedy laser engraving machine. 

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Materials for laser cutting and more

Our webshop is a one-stop shop for engraving supplies, laser cutting materials and laser engraving materials. Choose from a wide range of materials including acrylics, coated and uncoated metals, woods, laser marking solutions and much more. 

By registering for an online account you also gain a number of benefits, including having a complete overview of your orders, being able to order at any time and earning reward points on all online orders. 

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Laser engraving: Personalisable gifts from Trotec

Personalistion has become an important factor for customers purchasing products, especially gifts. Even something as simple as a personalised name engraved onto a gift adds additional value to a product not only for the recipient, but also the business. Trotec's range of engraving supplies includes a range of different gifts which are perfectly suited to laser engraving for personalisation. Read on to find out more about these products and what you can achieve with your laser engraving machine. 

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