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Trotec UK Live – Virtual Exhibition

26th - 28th January 2021

26th - 28th January 2021

With exhibitions and events made difficult or impossible in 2020 (thanks Covid-19…), we've decided to bring you a very special virtual event which you can attend from the comfort of your own home or office.

Trotec UK Live will be the first virtual exhibition of its kind. Taking place over three days in January 2021, the online expo will focus on all things laser – filling your screen with:

  • Live demonstrations
  • Hints & tips
  • Finance talks
  • Design inspiration and more

To register, simply fill in the registration form. You will automatically receive reminders for each session along with the links to join the event.

After you've registered, look out for an email containing all of the details. If you don't receive the email, please contact us at

We are really looking forward to sharing all this exciting and informative content with you!


What's on during the event?

There will be 17 sessions covering a multitude of topics, split in to morning and afternoon blocks over the three-day event. Registration to the event is completely free and you can pick and choose which sessions you join (only one registration required). The sessions will be very interactive, with the opportunity to ask questions via the live chat function. All you will need is a computer (or mobile device) with speakers and an internet connection!

The topics will follow on from one another (with some handover chat between the presenters) and there is one link for all sessions within each AM or PM block (2 links each day), so you don't need to go looking for a different link if you want to stay to watch the next session.

Day 1 - Tuesday 26th January 2021
  Time (GMT) Topic Presenters
 AM SESSION 9.45-10.00 Welcome & Introduction Siân Sweeney & Bryan Jater
 AM SESSION  10.00-10.40  Glass Tube V Ceramic  Jonny Green & Trevor Stevenson
 AM SESSION  10.40-11.20  Sample Zone (consumer products)  Andrew Dudley & Chris Green
 AM SESSION  11.20-12.00 Expanding your product portfolio with a rotary
 Chris Green & Jamie Wakefield
 PM SESSION  14.00-14.40  Financing a Laser Machine  Bryan Jater, Ben Matthews (Blue Star
 PM SESSION  14.40-15.20  Photographic Engraving Masterclass  Alex Beckingham
 PM SESSION  15.20-16.00 Live Interview and Q&A with Hannah Nunn from
Hannah Nunn Ltd.
Trevor Stevenson and James Hutton with guest Hannah Nunn
Day 2 - Wednesday 27th January 2021
   Time (GMT)   Topic  Presenter / Guests
 AM SESSION  10.00-10.40 CO2 vs Fiber Sources Andy Campling & Jamie Wakefield
 AM SESSION  10.40-11.20  Trotec Materials Workshop Alex Beckingham & Marion DréanoThwaite
 AM SESSION  11.20-12.00  Speedy 400 Demonstration  Bryan Jater & Jamie Wakefield
 PM SESSION  14.00-15.00  Which laser is for you? Q500 vs Speedy 400 live
comparison demo) 
Jonny Green & Trevor Stevenson
 PM SESSION  15.00-15.40  SP2000 Live Demonstration  Alex Beckingham & Andy Campling
Day 3 - Thursday 28th January 2021  
  Time (GMT) Topic Presenter / Guests
AM SESSION 10.00-10.40 Live galvo demonstration
Andrew Dudley & Jonny Green
AM SESSION 10.40-11.20 Production Management (software) Alex Beckingham & Bryan Jater
AM SESSION 11.20-12.00 Galvo vs Plotter Andrew Dudley & Jonny Green
PM SESSION 14.00-14.40 Print & Cut Alex Beckingham & Bryan Jater
PM SESSION 14.40-15.20 Sample Zone (industrial products) Andy Campling
PM SESSION 15.20-16.00

Laser Processing in the Industrial Market with Special Guest: Brian Chaplin, JPS Online

Jamie Wakefield and James Hutton plus
special guest Brian Chaplin
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