Trotec Ruby Laser Software 1.1 now available!

Find out more about the latest release of our new laser software including Mac compatibility

Published on: 12/15/2020

Use Ruby laser software with your Mac

Do you want to use your Mac to manage, create and prepare jobs in our new Ruby laser software? With the release of Ruby 1.1, it's now possible. Create laser jobs right on your Mac and send them to your laser machine. 

Connect all your laser with Ruby remote access

Remote access to your production PC from any computer within your network with a single click. Use Ruby laser software with any operating system. All you need is a Windows PC with Ruby by your laser machine.

Produce more detailed photos in shorter time

If photo engraving is something you're producing a lot with your laser engraving machine, you will love the improvements. Thanks to the new Ruby framework architecture - without printer driver - rasterisation is done on the fly at the end of the process, optimised for laser job preparation. This saves time for every photo engraving and improves the quality.

Directly import svg files

Direct file import has offered great value to our customers since the initial release of Trotec Ruby. From now on svg files with text can be directly imported. You can now even modify files and edit texts without switching to other programs - all within Ruby laser software.

Use hot folder import

Save files directly from your graphic editor to the hot folder and they will be automatically imported to Ruby anytime. Fill your hot folders now even if Ruby is not in use. As soon as you start Ruby all files from the hot folder will be imported automatically.

Fast and precise positioning of designs

Markers allow you to quickly and easily set predefined snap points for fast alignment of different objects.

Benefit from knowledge base within Ruby

Access the global Ruby laser software knowledge base to benefit from one central point of information with the latest online documentation. This helps users to be more productive with Ruby laser software.

Many more improvements

  • Greyscale a vector: Greyscale vector objects anytime directly in Ruby to produce more diverse material effects
  • Auto name jobs: Automatically name your job after your design
  • Sample designs: Quick start Ruby with some sample designs
  • Reset password: Reset your super admin password at any time
  • Repeat or start with your laser keypad: Repeat and start jobs from the queue directly with your laser keypad
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