Trotec UK launches #MyTrotecMaterialsUK – Start using it now for your chance to win £100 to spend!

Published on: 11/16/2020

Whether you use Trotec's plastic engraving laminates to make safety signage or you're designing funky jewellery with TroGlass Neon engravable acrylic, we want to hear about it and everything in between!

Trotec laser engraving materials are used for such wide ranging applications in a multitude of industries. If you're proud of what you've made using Trotec materials, engravable products or engraving supplies, why not share them on Instagram? Use #MyTrotecMaterialsUK in the image description/caption and each eligible post will be entered into a monthly prize draw for a chance to win £100 to spend on our webshop.

The rules are simple, your product has to be designed and made by you (or the company you are representing) and must be shared to a public Instagram profile's feed (Stories don't count). You can share images of the finished product or your item mid-production, as long as it's made using engraving materials, accessories or engravable products purchased from Trotec UK. Prizes will be drawn for each month that at least 50 posts are shared using #MyTrotecMaterialsUK. Full terms and conditions are detailed below.

Why wait? Start sharing your makes on Instagram using #MyTrotecMaterialsUK today! Full terms and conditions available on our webshop. 

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Stuck for inspiration?

If you're new to Trotec materials, or if you're looking to branch out and try laser engraving and cutting more detailed designs, get inspiration from our DIY tutorial section. Our tutorials use a range of different Trotec materials and show you how to create everything from simple to elaborate designs by laser cutting, laser engraving or laser marking the different materials. 

You can download free design files and use them as the basis for your own work, and we also offer example laser parameters to allow you to get creative. 

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