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Published on: 08/25/2020

Trotec offers an ever expanding range of engravable materials to complement our laser cutting and engraving machines. Each material is tested by our laser experts to ensure optimal laser cutting and engraving results. The extensive range of materials includes plastic laminates developed for laser cutting and engraving, acrylic, metals, woods, paper and other materials such as laser marking solutions. Be inspired by the diverse range of possibilities. 

Quality meets design

As a full service provider, Trotec is able to offer expert advice on the optimal material to suit your application. Our materials are tested by experts allowing us to advise you of how to achieve the optimal result. 

Create attention grabbing applications

The latest additions to the TroGlass series of acrylics, Neon, Mirror and pastel offer a range of ways to distinguish your products from competitors. Each material features unique properties that make them perfect for creating signage, displays, jewellery and much more. 

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Inspiration - Be creative with wood

Trotec's eco friendly material, TroCraft Eco is developed for laser processing and is emission free when laser cut and engraved. Suitable for creative applications among others, TroCraft Eco is part of Trotec's expansive wood range.

Discover our tutorial where we show you how to use the material to create a 3D wall decoration. 

Step-by-step instruction

Material usage hints

To maximise material use, you can't afford wasted materials. That's why our experts have developed a series of tips for achieving the optimal laser cutting and engraving results. These tips also cover the most important basics for working with different laser cutting and laser engraving materials. 

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