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Published on: 04/27/2020 Author: Alexander Jauker

Personalisation and individualisation of products add extra value for customers. An excellent example of this is a ballpoint pen which is personalised with your name. 
At trade shows time with visitors is generally limited, so a simple application such as a ballpoint pen is ideal to show the benefits of laser engraving machines. Even this simple application is a big draw to our stands at trade shows, with queues of visitors waiting to get their own personalised item. The effects of personalisation are always fascinating, with the capability to take an everyday item and turn it into something special with a simple engraving offering a range of options for businesses. 

Increased margin with personalisation

Laser engraving has become a popular concept for start-up businesses and established companies alike. An important factor to consider for most companies is the cost-effectiveness of the service, is the cost of the technology worth it in the long run and if so how? The answer lies with the personalisation and individualisation of products. 

Customers will always value a personalised product, be it sweets, drinks bottles or clothing. The benefit that personalisation offers is that it takes a standard product and adds additional value to it. As early as 2017, around 41 percent of consumers surveyed in Germany stated that they pay more for individualised products than for equivalent mass products.

With laser engraving, individualised products can generate 5 to 10 times more income than a standard product. The scope for personalisation is vast in a range of industries. 

"In my opinion, if you specialise in this sector, you are relying on a growing and future-proof market." - Alexander Jauker, Trotec Laser

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What does a laser minute cost?

An important consideration when creating the product portfolio is the calculation of the selling price for items. Many businesses work this cost out using £1 per minute for laser engraving time as the basis. The complexity of the design may also be factored in, depending on design time taken. A laser machine allows you to process a wide range of different products with logos, lettering and other designs. Here is a calculation example for a laser-engraved ballpoint pen with surcharge for laser engraving.

Which laser engrave products are considered best sellers?

Many of the common gift products including photo frames, wine glasses, ballpoint pens, clothing, jewellery and even cake toppers are offered by laser engraving companies. Thanks to the technology personalisation can make these standard products unique gifts. 

other products which are in demand from companies include personalised signage, employee gifts, data plates or other contract engravings. The laser also offers the benefit of being able to offer individual product personalisation or series production of items. 

Getting started with individualisation and personalisation

Trotec offer a range of different ways to help you get started with product personalisation. Visit our engraving supplies webshop to discover our materials and engravable gifts or browse our range of DIY samples to see what products can be easily created using a laser engraving machine. Our team of laser experts are available to offer you any advise about purchasing a laser engraving machine. 

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