New materials from 2019

Published on: 11/15/2019

Trotec Laser has expanded its portfolio with a plethora of new engraving products in 2019. Serving a number of industries, Trotec's new acrylic, cork and gift ranges join a catalogue of plastic laminates, metals, woods and more, all available with next day delivery. Read on to find out more about these laser cutting and engraving materials and products and get helpful tips, tricks and inspiration. 

Eye-catching Acrylic

The ever growing range of TroGlass acrylics has been joined by the TroGlitter and TroGlass Mirror varieties. TroGlitter is a cast acrylic material, suitable for a wide range of applications including signage and displays. Featuring evenly dispersed glitter particles, this eye-catching material particularly suitable for laser cutting and laser engraving. Two brand new colours have recently been added to the range in time for Christmas, red and green. 

TroGlitter Laser processing tips Tutorial: Christmas decorations

Also new to the laser cutting acrylic range in 2019 is TroGlass Mirror, the first extruded acrylic in the TroGlass range. This mirror acrylic is the perfect alternative to real glass thanks to a lighter weight and higher breakage resistance, while the material can be processed with either a CO2 or fiber laser when laser engraving to achieve different striking effects.

TroGlass Mirror laser engraving tips Tutorial: Rotating display

Laser engraving material: LaserCork

A popular choice for home décor, gifts and craft applications, LaserCork was added to Trotec's range in June 2019. LaserCork is the perfect material for crafty applications and is perfect for laser cutting and laser engraving. Environmentally friendly, the fine grain structure of the material enables a striking dark brown engraving to be achieved with relatively low laser power.

Laser engraving tips: Cork 

Just added: Laserable Oak veneer wood

Part of Trotec's popular series of wood sheets for laser engraving, laserable oak veneer has recently been launched and offers the perfect lightweight alternative to solid wood oak sheets.

Tutorial: Veneered wood magnets

Gifts Galore

Alongside Trotec's extensive range of laser cutting and engraving materials, there is also a selection of engravable gifts. These products make the perfect personalised present and are easy to add designs, logos and more to with your laser engraving machine.

Drinking bottles

Trotec's insulated drinking bottles are made from high-grade 304 stainless steel with a coloured coating making them perfect for laser engraving. Using a CO2 laser, names, logos and other designs are easily applied, making personalisation an easy task. Trotec offers bottles with no minimum order quantity, so you can restock whenever required. 

Tips: Laser engraving insulated drinking bottles


Also added to the growing range of engravable gifts in 2019 were linen and PU leather notebook varieties. Easily branded or personalised with a laser engraving machine, the books are suitable for diaries, guest books, journals, corporate gifts and more.

Tips: Processing engravable books

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