Now available: JobControl® 11.2 laser software

The brand new version of our laser software includes a range of features including JobControl® Cut, OptiMotion+ and many more.

Published on: 09/20/2019

JobControl® Cut is a fully integrated laser cutting software with CAM functionalities for engravers. This new software feature is designed to make Trotec customers even more profitable. JobControl® 11.2 laser software also provides the latest version of the Trotec motion control OptiMotion™+, which stands for highly productive laser cutting and laser engraving since its market launch in autumn 2018. This allows the new Trotec Speedy 400 laser machine to achieve best quality laser engraving results at a speed of 4.3 m/s. An improved JobTime Calculator and the remote interface complete the improvements of JobControl® 11.2 laser software.

JobControl® Cut

JobControl® Cut is a package designed for high-quality and efficient laser cutting - directly integrated into JobControl®. CAM functionalities such as kerf correction, lead-in flags, path optimisation or node processing enable highly productive and precise laser cutting.

JobControl® Cut allows for new possibilities of file preparation. Time-consuming pre-processing in non-cutting-specific graphics programs such as Corel Draw or Adobe Illustrator are no longer required. Cut lines can be deleted, individual elements moved or geometries optimised directly in the laser software - the time-consuming change between software programs is no longer needed: JobControl® Cut stands for efficient preparation with better laser cutting results, both in quality and in speed.

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The highlights of the new JobControl® at a glance:


OptiMotion™ stands for highly productive laser cutting and laser engraving. OptiMotion™+ brings additional enhancements within the drive and control technology. The Speedy laser machine becomes even faster and can engrave now with up to 4.3 m/s at best quality. 4 point fonts, for example, are engraved sharply and clearly legible.

Maximum laser engraving resolution of up to 2540 dpi

Laser engraving speed was not the only improvement, the resolution was also improved with now 2540 dpi: The laser fires 2540 times per inch now. A typical application for this new feature is laser engraving high-resolution screen printing clichés or for annealing metal with a fiber laser. With 2540 dpi even more laser energy can be applied to the same area - in comparison to 1000 dpi, more than 2.54 times. This allows aluminium to be annealed.

MeshEngraving for optimal laser engraving results at maximum speed

At very high engraving speed oscillations within the laser machine can occur, which in some cases can overlay unfavourable and cause stripes. In order to optimise the laser engraving result for this high speed, Trotec has integrated the patented MeshEngraving into the latest version of JobControl® laser software. This enables the best laser engraving quality at maximum speed. This feature is particularly useful for applications using a fiber laser. 

Further improvements: JobTime Calculator, JobControl® Vision and Remote Interface

With the JobTime Calculator, laser engraving and cutting times are already calculated before the laser starts. With the new version of JobControl® laser software, this planning tool enables more accurate pre-calculation. In addition, JobControl® Vision module has been optimised for the SP2000 and SP3000 large format lasers: The laser head now moves upwards for the process step of registration mark recognition - the field of view of the camera is thus enlarged and the registration marks are read faster and better.

JobControl® laser software also offers a new function regarding automation requirements: Thanks to the remote interface, system integration of the laser into a production situation is possible without any problems.

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